New (?) Disney CD - trying to identify to order


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My 17 year old son has Down syndrome and, last week, he says he spotted a Disney CD in our local record store.
Today, we went to buy it and it wasn't there and they don't remember it. He says he saw it either on the "top 20" or "new release" stand.
Browsing through Amazon etc, I can't see the cover he described but, if it's a new release, they may not yet have the picture up.
With me so far?
He drew a picture of the disc cover for me.
He says it's blue, with pictures in a box (or rather an oval) of (from left to right) of Zorro, Lady and the tramp and Baloo in his hula skirt and coconut face. He thought it was called "Disney Classics" (not the ones that have been out for a while).
Does any of this strike a chord with anyone?
His speech is rather poor and he may have made some omissions in the title but is quite adamant about the cover design.
Can anyone help please?


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Alas, no, that's not it. No way he would have missed Uncle Remus on the front (his favourite Disney film is Song of the South)
It may well be an exclusive to the store or a UK only release.
He does tell me that it had the theme from Zorro on it and it may be more than one CD.


Where are you located, because that could make a difference.

I don't recall every seeing a cd with Zorro on the cover . . .but I may have . . .my memory . . .she is bad! ;)

I'll keep my eyes open!



Oh another question, was it a used music store? That would make the pool of possible CDs much larger.

Oh and here are three CDs with Zorro's Theme on them, but the covers aren't even close to matching:

In case you can't find that exact cd, there are others out there with that song, in case that is the reason he really wanted that cd.

And here is one that has all the elements except Zorro:

Again, good luck!



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It was a store for new stuff (Borders).
Interestingly, I found a reference to a CD on their site to a 2007 CD which is now "unavailable" and the Title IS actually "Disney Classics EMI" (

It seems Disney and EMI signed something regarding that EMI would be issuing Disney Albums. The reference was UPC: 094634818025 BUT that reference doesn't show up on the UPC database.
It does seem to be a UK-only release (found it on CDUniverse as well - also unavailable) but, naturally, no cover design or track listing anywhere.
I presume it must have been withdrawn.

Oh bother.....................

It's a fairly good chance that he does already have all the tracks on CD around the house anyway (you really should see our collection) plus loads of Park music as well.
Just a shame we were in too much of a rush to look at it last week when he asked.


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Thought I'd put my two cents worth in regarding your search for the CD.

I think one of the CDs Caitlin listed above might be the one. The one I'm referring to is the DISNEY-COLLECTION-VOL-2-1991-USA-CD-album (full title The Disney Collection, Vol. 2) she has listed.

From what I searched, it looked like this title was originally released in 1991 and then released again in 2006 with the same title but different music and cover (green) on it. The 1991 version had both a US (Disney Records) and UK (Pickwick Music Dist) release. Combined it had 3 different covers released. One was the cover in Caitlin's link, another was blue with "pictures in a box" (similar to your description), and the third had a blue-pinkish hue cover with different box pictures in a box which has Baloo (though no skirt), Lady & Tramp, and a picture of Captain Hook holding a pointy sword (which can be mistaken for Zorro if you took a quick glance) going left to right. The first was the US cover, the second one both US and UK, and the third UK only. This album does have the Zorro theme on it too as your son describes.

It's listed on Amazon as used and you can see the listing and all the covers here:;page=1#gallery

It is also possible that the record store you had found it in previously may have still been carrying some old inventory, hence still having the older version and were trying to move it out which might explain why you didn't see it again some time later...