New Discoveryland music...?


Walking out of DLP today, I heard some unfamiliar music from the Discoveryland fountain speakers... less harmonic and playful, somewhat more ethereal and modern synths than those of David Tolley's loop.

Whether that was temporary or not I couldn't tell, and I didn't have time to stick around, but I thought I'd mention the possibility that the land is getting a new area loop...

Maybe I'll get to post an update soon; in the meantime, does anyone happen to know more..?


Okay, it turns out that this is not a replacement loop, or in fact much of a music loop at all. By now I got to spend a few more seconds in the area and it's in fact only a sequence of synth notes which is playing (it seems) only around the actual fountains, supplementing the original loop.

For all I know, it might even be a rstoration rather than a new addition.

This at the same time as they added some new light effects in the fountains themselves.

Dr. Know

I *love* the Discoveryland loop from DLP. Does anyone have a complete recording? All I have are fragments...


X-S Tech

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I have all of the fragments, and they all link up fine, except I'm not familiar enough with editing software to reconnect em. Man if I ever get my hands on the fella who split that loop up, why I'll.... :mad:


who composed and performed the Discoveryland music!? that's like asking after whom Disneyland was named!

His name is Walt Discovery. ok. lame joke.

It's David Tolley and his army of syntesizers. Don't forget to visit David Tolley's webpage, legendary for its *special* use of colors! He has done a couple of piano arrangements of Disney Music. And on the album great love tunes vol 2, you can find a piano arrangement of "heavenly flight", a medly composed for Discoveryland.