New CD's are Coming!!

I was surfing on the Amazon. com, and found those CD's... :eek:

Radio Disney Jams 5
Disney's Greatest 3
Radio Disney's Pop Dreamers
Bear's Holiday Celebration
Princess Lullaby Album
Monsters Inc Scream Factory Favorites

Any further information on these CD's? I better start to save money now.


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

I don't have any further information - but I'm wondering: what happened to the Lilo&Stitch Island Favorites?? It was supposed to be released this fall and now it is not in that list you found but instead we find a Monsters Inc. Favorites CD?? I wonder, I wonder...



I don't know about the other CDs mentioned, but Monsters, Inc. Scream Factory Favorites is now available. I didn't really plan on buying it, but I ran across it in the store and saw that it said "Featuring Riders in the Sky", which is great for me since I am a big Riders fan. For those who enjoyed Woody's Roundup, it is really a fun CD.