New CD's and their track lists...


Hey, Disney fans!

I must say I?m a little surprised. I really was expecting to see the 6-disc set track listing yesterday on the 5th ( I KNOW I?m not the only one that was thinking that) because it was exactly one month away. Randy knew we would expect that so he has outsmarted us! :) I?m just getting more excited every day to see the track list.

Randy, I?d just like to say thanks again for all the AMAZING work you do for us fans. Keep up the good work and I (along with about 5 million other people) will anxious await the new CD?s!

Have a Disney kind of day,


Did I miss something ??? Did the track list get put out someplace and I just am blind???? Please fill us in on where to find the track list if it is out. If it is not can you please change the title of our thread it is very misleading.



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I think he was expecting to see it, but it hasn't been posted yet. I would also really like to see the track list.


Does anybody else wonder why this must be such a mystery? This is not the U2 album. How many of these units do they sell? Aren't there a small number of fanatics that will buy it on day one, and then more casuals park fans who will want one? :-
Mr. Thornton told us a few weeks ago that he'd be able to tell us all about it "in a few weeks." I've been checking back ever three hours all week.

Something is about to happen very soon, I think.