New CD at Disneyland Paris !


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Today Disneyland Parade has released the new Soundtrack of the Halloween Parade the newest one .

i love the music .

For Xmas we are going to have a new Parade music an dlaos a new CD .

The Halloween Cd are a Single like the other .


Thanks for the info Louis!

Like me you tend to type too fast...

I had hard time figuring what you posted after "new Parade music" but understood you meant to say:

...and also a new cd!!... since i don't know what "an dlaos" is!

;- ) LOL

They seem to be fond of mini cds at Disneyland Paris RESORT!

5:50 euros each! What a ripp off!

Hope the Disneyland Resort is smart enough to make more Hauted Mansion cds!....


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

as we have published at the new CD-single is called "It's Halloween - Lo - Ween" which is the title of the new song by Vasile Sirli used for the new Disney Villain Parade this year.

The CD contains the following two tracks according to the cover:

1. It's Halloween - Lo - Ween 4:04 (song as heared in the parade)
2. It's Halloween - Lo - Ween - Instrumental 4:04

According to fans who already got a the CD it also includes a third not listed bonus track: a very slow, spooky version of the melody as played when embarking on the Mummy Cruise Line (=Riverboats).

This shapes up to be the year with the most ever CD releases by the Resort, especially if rumors hold true and there is a new Christmas CD in the making too.

An overview of this year's CDs can be found at:

Yours sincerely
Way OT for my Euro Mouseketeers

I'm attaching this to this thread because I think FRAN?OIS and DIRK would get a chuckle out of this.
April fools in October! Cheers!

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Thanks for the smile!

Somehow i had heard of that funny text and had forwarded it to a friend of mine who's a French teacher in Florida!

Thank God, they don't sing the Halloween Song that way yet on the Disneyland Resort Paris --wow! --cd!