New BGM WDW Tomorrowland


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You know, I used that FTP site yesterday. From what I remember, it didn't have a username/password. I just used the address and port number 21. I think that anonymous mode worked fine. As for the site, it had only two 7 minute sections to the entire 40 min. loop. Unfortunately, I tried to use the newsgroups, but was unable to because I think SBC blocks certain newsgroups (i.e. - alt.binaries.warez and alt.binaries.multimedia.disney) so I'm once again left in the cold as to how to get into the Disney BGM loop. ??? Anyways, any more hints as to what I could do whould be greatly appreciated.


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Thank-you etnlnight for the quick reply!

On a hunch I disabled my pop-up stopper in msconfig and rebooted my system -- the ftp worked fine. Don't know if that was really what got it working the second time around (the login screen did not even appear this time), but a good heads-up just in case anyone else has similar problems.

Thanks again for all the specifics in your reply.