I saw it at the VirginMegastore on the Champs Elys?es -- but haven't gotten it... yet -- and thought it was from the US but obviously Disney Records UK has put out this... which I wanted to share with you because it's GREAT!
-- The Walt Disney Records site does not mention anything; actually the Bambi soundtrack is NOT listed anymore... :(

Here goes:

Released Feb. 7, 2005:

1? Main Title (Love Is A Song) ??
11? It Could Even Happen To Flower ??
2? Sleepy Morning In The Woods - Everybody Awake - The Young Prince - Learning To Walk
12? Bambi Gets Twitterpated - Stag Fight ??
3? Exploring - Through The Woods - Say Bird - Flower ??
13? Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song) ??
4? Little April Shower ??
14? Man Returns ??
5? The Meadow - Bambi Sees Faline - Bambi Gets Annoyed ??
15? Fire - Reunion - Finale ??
6? Gallop Of The Stags - The Great Prince Of The Forest - Man ?? 16? Rain Drops (Demo Recording) ??
7? Autumn - The First Snow - Fun On The Ice ??

17? Interview With Walt Disney ??

8? The End Of Winter - New Spring Grass - Tragedy In The Meadow ??

18? Interview With Supervising Animators Ollie Johnston And Frank Thomas ??

9? Wintery Winds ??

19? Interview With Henry Mancini ??

10? Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song ??


My guess is that YOU'll get that soon BUT we, in Europe, were lucky enough to get the Bambi Platinum Edition a tad before you; this explaining that... I guess!

Thanks Fran?ois!

Oh, you're welcome!


;) ;D

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Hmmm, the interviews look to be something new. We did get a great Bambi Soundtrack a few years back as part of the Classic Soundtrack Series (thanks Randy!). To my recollection it had 2 song demos on it, which don't seem to be on this new version. It's actually only available on the "Wonderland Music Store" CD system now.


The Classic Soundtrack Series BAMBI had one demo song, which is included for that reissue: # 16.

The Mancini interview was released in the 80's when the soundtrack was issued on an LP and a cassette, if memory serves me right (or left! ;))

The look of this release is similar to the Classic Series one!


Well, Mister Mancini, as we all know, was a movie composer who was working on the score for The Great Mouse Detective at the time, and since he was under contract with Disney, he was asked a few questions about his appraisal of the music work for Bambi!

My! What a sentence I made!
Sorry! ;)


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Yes, some of the extra content was released on the "Celebration Series" back in 1988, I believe. It was released on CD along with Snow White.


According to laughingplace.com,it is being released.

Bambi" Original Soundtrack track listing:

1. Main Title (Love Is a Song)
2. Morning in the Woods/The Young Prince/Learning to Walk
3. Exploring/Say Bird/Flower
4. Little April Shower
5. The Meadow/Bambi Sees Faline/Bambi Gets Annoyed
6. Gallop of the Stags/The Great Prince of the Forest/Man
7. Autumn/The First Snow/Fun on the Ice
8. The End of Winter/New Spring Grass/Tragedy in the Meadow
9. Wintery Winds
10. Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song
11. It Could Even Happen to Flower
12. Bambi Gets Twitterpated/Stag Fight
13. Looking for Romance (I Bring You a Song)
14. Man Returns
15. Fire/Reunion/Finale
16. Rain Drops (Demo Recording)

BONUS INTERVIEWS (Introduced by Richard Kiley):

17. Walt Disney
18. Ollie Johnston & Frank Thomas
19. Henry Mancini

On March 1, 2005, the "Bambi" Original Soundtrack will be available for a suggested CD retail price of $11.98.

Hope this was helpful.

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mmmmfan, thanks for the reply. I wonder why the new Bambi soundtrack CD is not listed at any online locations (amazon, towerrecords.com, etc.)? I haven't seen it in any stores, either. Anyone found it yet, and if so, where? thanks!


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Somehow unfortunate, that the disk does not contain any music bonus tracks, as (if I remember correctly), there have been some additional 'Bambi' tracks on a Japanese boxed set a few years ago.

matt d.

Hi Everyone,

I saw this new Bambi CD yesterday at Barnes and Noble. Also similarly low priced ($11.99).

matt d.


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How is the sound quality in comparison to the latest release? The score sounds fantastic on the DVD, but then, I do not know, if there have been any sound improvements on the CD, or if they have just been using the same master as for the former issue.