New attraction music at Disneyland


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With IASW having a scene change and Disney characters being added, one can only wonder what will happen to the original soundtrack.

I have pondered if Sleeping Beauty castle will have fresh recordings and a new sound system.

I expect Pixie hollow to have new BGM.

With Pirates being changed, Constatine appearing and with Toy Story Mania running, I hope that a future Disneyland OA could include some of these changes.

X-S Tech

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Randy's been pretty proactive about updating the Official Albums as new attractions open. This would apply to full attractions, but probably not stuff like Pixie Hollow. I wouldn't rule out a new Small World mix next year though. Constance in the Mansion isn't really a musical change, and Randy's mixes are usually music focused. The castle- who knows? I would think recordings directly from the film would be used, but you never know.