New addition to Epcot entrance loop

I don't remember hearing the Soarin' theme, but upon exiting the park (after listening to, I'M GUESSING, Golden Dream), the music faded into a song previously not on the loop.

At first it sounded like the movie score from Finding Nemo, but eventually I couldn't recognize it.

Would anyone enjoy sitting outside Spaceship Earth for 25 mins?

Dr. Know

This is all very interesting. I'm curious as to which version of Soarin' is played in the loop -- the film score or the load/unload version, which is excerpted in the Esplanade loop in California.

As for Grizz's observation, I wonder whether an excerpt from Thomas Newman's FINDING NEMO score is being used here, now that Nemo is taking over The Living Seas...?

Looking forward to hearing more about this!


You're right about The Living Seas; although I tend to be overly sentimental about my Epcot loops perhaps overhaul might be in order. I wonder if they edited the loop or just added Soarin' at the end. . .

[I can tell you the music at the Finding Nemo spot was a pleasant surprise this past January. I don't think it was the Newman score.]

Anyway, I have a very close family friend who would be sympathetic enough to my madness to sit for a half hour between the monorail station and Spaceship Earth and find out for us in mid-October if no one reports in before then.


That's great to hear! I really love that music. Anyone know which version of the Soarin' theme it is (on-ride, exit music, etc) and where in the loop it occurs?
OK, I confess!!! My son(yeah, blame it on the kid.....) loves the music at Epcot. We sat--in some light rain, hoping it wouldn't thunder--between Spaceship Earth and the monorail in late August/early September and recorded the whole entrance loop--just haven't listened or transferred it to CD-R yet! We also recorded the loop that plays in front of the Art of Disney and the surrounding area. What else could we do.....waitin' on Randy.....

We'll try to listen to it ASAP and field any questions!