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Hello, Regards to all my Disney friends especially General Ursus Bear, (any word on Vault Disneys return?), I write today for two reasons, (1) I am not able to find "The love Bug" DVD anywhere, and I had to buy the "Finding Nemo" soundtrack at my local "Stop & Shop" supermarket, whats happening?, also I think its great Pixar choose to not go with Randy Newman again, Thomas Newmans scores are very Lush, and "Nemo " is in that same vein. Any comments from those who have seen it?, They did have a trailer for "Brother Bear" and the Animation looks horrible, (maybe Japanese made?) and the usual "Pirates" trailer. I hope thats good, it certainly looks it...but Jerry Bruckheimer? who knows... but what :)really perplexed me was, with such a built in audience for "Nemo", where was the "The Haunted Mansion" trailer? ANyway guys (& Sharon) its great to be back. Frank
Saw Nemo today at Downtown Disney (I have got to get one of those hearing devices when I am seeing a movie with toddlers).

The Music was very suttle. No outright songs and definitely not a musical.

The Movie is Very Good. I liked it better than Monsters. Pixar was built to create a reef. No spoilers just a warning of the Bambi like moment at the first. My wife turned to me and asked"Why does Disney always do that" (Andrew Stanton from Pixar wrote the screenplay) I said basically if you came and the movie was about normal happy fish it would be boring and the audience would leave in 20 minutes. She bought it hook , line...

I was prepared not to like it because Albert Brooks and Ellen D. both irritate me. However they play off perfectly and Ellen is the comic relief many times. Nice suttle messages about parental over protection, childhood rebellion and eco-morals ie "all drains lead to the ocean". Good story, humor, great animation. 5 stars from me.

Pirates trailer, Sinbad, Rugrats, and Brother Bear.
I thought that BB looks good too me. The trailer has some very good 2D animation samples, morals and a hilariouis wrap up with 2 obiviously Canadian Moose (think , Strange Brew). Sounds like a formula that has worked before eh?

By the way, Stay for All OF THE NEMO CREDITS.

One more, By the way, does anyone know about the man they dedicated the film too?

Anyway, I wouldnt look for a HM teaser until Pirates, IMHO. Get out your own door this weekend and see this movie. It will win animated best picture this year most likely.



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I agree with you, Jeff. I thought "Nemo" was excellent. It was not over the top, and Pixar sure did make the ocean look beautiful. I also thought Ellen added tons to the movie. So far, for me, Pixar has yet to make a bad or mediocre film.

And yes...I should have looked into an assisted hearing device too! Man can kids be noisy!

Jessica L

I saw it Friday night. I had been anxiously awaiting this film for months - and I was not disappointed! I was afraid that with sooo many characters, we'd have an "Atlantis" syndrome on our hands where characters get lost or you don't really feel for them enough. Not so here - I feel like I "know" each character in some way. Animation is gorgeous - the scenes of Sydney harbor almost looked photographic to me (at first at thought they had used live action shots of the harbor!). Overall an excellent film - I highly recommend it! Though you might want to wait a bit to see it w/out so many little kids (who screamed and cried during bits).

We went to the movies again yesterday to see a different film, and every showing of Finding Nemo while we were there sold out (about 4 shows). One girl was crying (more like sobbing) outside the theater because she couldn't see her Nemo. So sad... :-[ Looks like this will make a mint for Pixar!

I also saw the trailer for Brother Bear. This movie looks fantastic! I don't think the animation looks Japanese in any way, but then again I hate anime so what do I know... The moose are my favorite characters already! They are hilarious!! I can't wait until November. I'm just sorry I used up my "one film of the year" on finding that nemo. ;D

One of my first thoughts after leaving "Finding Nemo" on Friday: Mike E., I know you have some serious issues with Steve, dude, but if you want to keep the magic in the Walt Disney Company, just do what you need to do to keep John, Andy, and friends on board, dude!

Although it's going to be difficult to top the Toy Story films, "Finding Nemo" sure comes close! I also wasn't a big fan of Ellen DeGeneres--but I am now, wonderful dialogue between her and Albert Brooks(Dory and Marlin, to be specific). And as much as I'm a fan of Randy Newman's, going back to the "Good Old Boys" days, I think I may prefer his cousin's work in this film(of course, better appreciated on the CD)--fascinating use of a variety of instruments and sounds(check the CD liner notes for the instrumental soloists). I am still waiting for some original songs(looks like they'll be coming with "Brother Bear," courtesy of Phil Collins), but I did really like the resurrection of Charles Trenet's song "La Mer," played over the end credits(like Jeff said--stay until the very end!!!).

One more time: Mike, you better get 'em to sign on the dotted line, dude!


P. S. I agree, I have a feeling "Brother Bear" may be another great Disney "animal" movie, especially with Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis reprising their Canadian characters from SCTV!


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Joe (Mr. Sharon) and I went to MGM yesterday (dig to Mike F....we can DO that when we just live TEN MILES DUE EAST OF WDW! ) and although they are promoting "Finding Nemo" stuff up the wazoo (every merchandise you can think of...only thing I DIDN'T see were walkaround characters...but mebbe the Storm Troopers got 'em ), the Animation Tour had a big push for Brother Bear...the animator drew Koda and the storyboards were all based on that, too.

ANYWAY...we're tentatively planning on seeing FN tomorrow, after work.



Loved the movie. From a technology/animation POV, it's another example of PIXAR raising the bar to unthought of heights. From a story POV, I thought it was a throwback to some of the truly classic Disney animated films. In fact, the film kept making me want to go home and pull out my "Bambi" video and watch it again. Michael Eisner needs to spend some time this week trying to fix things with Jobs and co. over at Pixar. Maybe he should invite JObs, his wife and some of the head honchos at PIXAR to come to the Stanley Cup finals. Corporate synergy in action. :)

(And speaking of the Stanley Cup, did anyone see Mr. Eisner the other night when the Ducks won? He has aged SOOO much in the past few months. I swear he looked a good ten years older than the last time I saw him on TV. Perhaps the internal struggle with the Board and Wall Street is taking a far worse toll on Mr. Eisner than the Disney-spinmeisters want us to believe...)
She needs all of this pixie dust obsession to drive the meaness from her.

Enjoy your puppy coat Cruella!

I for one was too hot today Mike! Enjoy your stiff clean air!
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Gee Bill.. I never even heard of Walt and he fighting in 1995. Maybe it was that heart attack that killed James Mason in 1984....
But his voice would have been a first for the confident youngster fole. ::)


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Yeah, Bill, maybe you stayed up too late? I know you meant they fought over something, but what was it really?
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