Need Some Rumor Control...

I don't post often, but I am being eaten away by a rumor that I heard from a Disney Imagineer...

Apperently the Imagineers are under the impression that a special OA for Disneyland will be available for the 50th. I asked him what was so special about it, and he said that there will be some historical attractions.

Is this true? Anyone heard any rumblings like this from inside the company or is my co-worker's brother messin' with my head?

X-S Tech

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It's a rumor that seems to be corraborated by several others. See the long thread titled "50th Anniversary boxed set."

And Louis posted this on another thread:
"And just between you and me, I heard some very nice things about the upcoming 50th anniversary set, the Mary Poppins expanded re-issue, and a WDW Official album with a few new attraction material."