need some music..any help?

hey gang! I am looking for the following tracks:
"Now is the Time" theme from the old "Carousel of Progress"
"Two Brothers" from the American Adventure in EPCOT

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(the pic is from the LAST Hunchback show at the Disney-MGM Studios- it will be missed GREATLY)

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Can't help you with the question you had...sorry. Would like to know how fast the last Hunchback show filled up though? We saw the 12pm, 2pm and 4:05pm shows. By the time the 4:05pm show was done, the line for the 6pm show was already around the corner. We couldn't stay because I misjudged what time the last show was going to be and we had dinner reservations at Mama Melrose at 6pm...meeting some friends from Minnesota (otherwise I would have just blown dinner off). I'm SO sorry I missed the very, very last show. How fast DID it fill up and how emotional was the cast and audience that last show? Thanks!



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Hi. I have a copy of Now Is The Time from The Carousel of Progress. I don't know if it is from an old version of The Carousel of Progress. I found the file on Kazaa. :) I do not know about the other song. Good luck finding it!

Hey Sharon--

I saw the last Hunchback show. It was very hard to judge how fast it filled up. I was in line right after the 4:05 show, and they let us "early birds" in the theater quite early. It seemed as though the section closest to the entrance did not fill up for quite a while, although they may have been holding those seats open for some reason.

Matt the Juggler was obviously moved by the ovation he was given, but did his usual comical job.

The show seemed to go as usual, although I noticed the guard who comes out to tell Frollo "The Gypsy has escaped," used an amusing fake British cockney accent. (I believe earlier the performer had used a fake-sounding Southern drawl.) Frollo stayed in character, though, and didn't crack either time.

The biggest change was.... they set off the confetti for the final show. And I have never seen so much confetti everywhere. It went off several times during Topsy Turvy and the floor was literally coated an inch thick in it. Cast members who stream in as the Feast of Fools characters were also tossing handfuls of confetti on the audience.

The audience cheered quite loudly for every character entrance, but the performers were true professionals and stayed in character.

The curtain call at the end was quite long, and there were a few emotional touches. The techs were called out on stage by the cast, and the cast acknowledged the technicians in the sound booth. They also brought Matt back on stage to take a bow with the principal HofND performers. Several of the cast members did cry at that point, including two I noticed who have been in the show for years.

At one point, someone yelled "We love you," and the actress playing Esmeralda called back "We love you too."

It really was a nice moment and a fitting tribute to such a fine show.

And it may have been my imagination, but the last time the bells rang, they just seemed louder and more resonant than usual. Not sure if the techs tweaked the sound, or it was just emotion getting the better of me!



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Thanks for the report, Plutogoodboy. I SO wish I had seen that final show...I had seen it dozens of times before, simply because since 1998 or so, I always figured "it wouldn't be there much longer." Sigh.

Matt got a standing ovation during the 1st show but not the 2nd or 3rd, so it was nice to hear he got a special ovation during the 4th show. How exciting to finally have confetti again, too! I still have some bell-shaped confetti that I'll never get rid of. And yeah, I know that some of the CM's have been working there for YEARS...2 guys in particular (the one who shaves his head and the one who does a handstand, with a head between his knees, during "Festival of Fools") I THINK have been there since it opened, haven't they?

I've seen the "progress" of one of the Lavernes (she works at the Adventurers Club now) and have known a Frollo and a past "shorter gargoyle" (I never remember which is Victor and which is Hugo), also from the Adventurers Club, for a good 7 years. Hopefully the "Frollo" in question will get some more work soon!


Sharon, Even when the end is expected, it still hits you hard. I am depressed today over the closing of Les Miserables on Broadway, even though it has had a 16-year run!

SpectroPluto, sorry to have hijacked your topic. I checked last night and I have both tracks you are looking for. I don't have instant messaging, so I'm not sure how to get them to you. Maybe you can tell me the technical details!

Or, we're both in Orlando so if there's no easier way for you to get them, we could meet up and I could share the old-fashioned way, handing them over!

From one Pluto fan to another, cheers!