Need Help ASAP with music info!!!


A friend of mine used some of my Disney music both for his wedding and in his wedding video. The problem is that the videographer wont put the music in the video without all the proper credits. I dont have this and cant find it.

I need as much info for these songs as possible!

Composer, Recording group, dates, etc, etc,...

Both of these were gotten from the DisneyForever System.

Song #1
Once Upon a Dream - the Disney Gallery 2:20 (Strings and Woodwinds)

Song #2
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah - Critter Country Area Music 3:57

Im holding my breath here folks. The video appearantly is synced with the music, so to not have these songs will set them way back.

Thanks in advance!



The Disney Forever system didn't offer many credits, but I can tell you that "Once upon a Dream" was written by Sammy Fain and Jack Lawrence (I'm pretty sure) and based on a theme by Tchaikovsky. "Zip a Dee Doo Dah" was written by Allie Wrubel and Ray Gilbert.
Hope this helps.



Okay, so I just found out that this music info is holding up the video from being finished in time to be given as a christmas present from the grooms parents!

With all the musical knowledge on this site... can anyone make something up that would appease the videographer?

Close is good enough!

Does the Walt Disney Studio Orchestra sound good enough?

Throw me some bones here folks.... I gotta call the dad tomorrow with an answer or the songs get taken out and the video gets rearrainged... probably not in time for Xmas.


Tim :'(



Did you ever get this figured out or are you still needing help? I can try to come up with some "details" later if you still need it. LMK.



Some sort of credit was normally given on the inside cover of the DLF cover that came with the customized CD, so someone would have to have a real copy. I do own 1 DLF CD, but not with those tracks.