Nautilus Sound Effects

X-S Tech

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Can anyone tell me if they used the same sound or at least elements of the same sound for the Nautilus's Engine Hum that they used for the Rocket to the Moon Rocket Sounds. The track labeled Rocket sounds on the Forever system sounds like the Nautilus with a few extra elements layered over it. Just curious.

X-S Tech

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And of course the reused sfx that I always noticed...."The uncertain canine". That halting whimper that Andrew in Mary Poppins does when he cocks his head, reused in Pirates and the dog guarding the Jail cell, and several other films which I can't remember at the moment. What a great sound that would be to assign to an action on my PC! Hmmmmm


Also XS, I think they used the Nautilus sound for part of the Submarine Voyage.

I guess they figuered it was appropiate...

Speaking of reusing the Goofy scream...I think a good goofy scream would have worked when Nemo got pulled off the Nautilus during the Squid fight...Im just sayin'