Nation on Wheels / Freewayphobia

I'm trying to track down George Bruns' tunes commonly known as 'Monorail Music'. "Nation on Wheels" is easy to come by and was part of the 50th Anniversary Disneyland set. Does anyone know if the other monorail songs ("Sleigh Ride in Disneyland", "Highway Traffic", and "The Commuter") are available on the Freewayphobia or Motor Mania films or elsewhere? (I know Motor Mania made it onto the 'Complete Goofy' treasure set and I've been able to locate the film Freewayphobia through Disney's educator's site.)


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I think that there may have been a torrent that I saw over at (Rodentsections). It was a Disneyland Compilation set. Looking quickly I can't find the set, it may have been taken off during the purge that was done recently.