Nancy Sinatra - California Girl CD?


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This is a Walt Disney Records' Japanese release AVCW-12287 that was released on 07/10/02. CD Japan says that this CD was/is used at Disney's California Adventure. The liner notes don't say anything about that, but they do have a picture of Nancy and Mickey Mouse at DCA, and there are quite a few new tracks that have been recorded for something (including collaborating with the Beach Boys)...

Does anybody know if this CD is played at all or used anywhere at DCA?

The tracklisting is...
1. How Are Things in California?
2. San Fernando Valley
3. 99 Miles From L.A.
4. California Girls
5. Hello L.A., Bye Bye Birmingham
6. California Dreamin'
7. Route 66
8. San Francisco
9. Do You Know the Way to San Jose?
10. Hooray for Hollywood
11. Saturday in the Park
12. California Man
13. Hotel California
14. Cuando Calienta el Sol
15. There's No Place Like Home


I know the CD (well, the US version anyway) is for sale at DCA...but I have no idea if/where the music is used in the park. She doesn't sing any of the BGM tracks anywhere, and I don't know where else her songs would be used.


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My husband and some friends and I just got back from DL and DCA. Had a really nice time and have some choice words and opinions about the parks, the CM's and the patrons. But I'll save that for another time...

ANYWAY...yes, I saw the Nancy Sinatra CD just about EVERYWHERE. I have no idea why. She doesn't sing Disney songs, she's not doing a show at DL and they don't play her music anywhere at DCA or (more obviously) DL. Not including the ones I already had, I bought every CD they had from the 20th Century Music Store on Main Street...except that one. Just couldn't see the purpose of owning it as a "Disney related" CD.