Name and Info for WDW CD with updated Tapestry of Nations/Dreams music

Hiya everybody!

Can somebody please post for me the title and relevant ordering infomation for the WDW CD with the new Tapestry of Dreams music? Any other info on the CD would be great, too.

I'd also love to hear anybody's reviews or comparisons with the original CD.

And.....if anyone knows of any CDs released at WDW more recent than that one, I sure would love to know about that, too. I THINK I'm up-to-date, but sometimes things get by me.

Thanks in advance!



Hiya Mike!

The title is "Epcot: Tapestry of Dreams". It's Buena Vista Records Product #60062-7. I don't know what the WDW SKU# is as I threw away both the shrink wrap and the shipper, but the mail order cm was able to find it on the system for me by the title alone.

Here is the track list. Total Time - 42:04

1. Illuminations - "Reflections of Earth" (9:32)
Prologue: Acceleration


2. Illuminations - "We Go On" (2:27)

3. Tapestry of Dreams (25:38)
"Tapestry of Dreams"
"Tapestry of Nations"

4. "Promise" (4:23)

"Celebrate the Future Hand in Hand" is not on this cd and the only new track is "Tapestry of Dreams". Having only listened to the cd once, I'm not really familiar enough with it to compare the two.
Mike, I've been meaning to get back to you for the past few days--we were at WDW last month, and the only other new CD's we could find, which you probably know about, are Spectromagic, on Buena Vista #60055-7, and Magic in the Streets/Parade Memories, on Buena Vista #60059-7. Magic in the Streets features music from three of the newer WDW parades, Share a Dream Come True Parade at the Magic Kingdom, Disney Stars and Motorcars Parade(medley) at MGM, and Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade at the Animal Kingdom. Finally, there is an original "symphonette" ending the CD, inspired by each WDW park--it's called "Suite of Dreams." The total length of the CD is 71:21; Spectromagic is 14:19. As I said, just in case these two CD's slipped by you! Michael.

Dr. Know

What is the difference between the Tapestry of Nations on the original Millennium Celebration cd and the track on the newer release -- Tapestry of Dreams? It appears that Tapestry of Dreams is a little longer...

Hello Dr. Know,

Tapestry of Dreams runs a little less 2 minutes longer than Tapestry of Nations...Additionally the entire Introduction and endings are different. (25:38 vs 23:51)

Tapestry of Nations:
Opens up with various ticking clocks and fades in a chimey type melody with faint faint faint (sneeze and youll miss it) background crowd noises. This all eventually fades and builds up a crescendo....fades out a bit and then builds up another crescendo into a steady Drum Beat. This then builds a bit and eventually (skip a few minutes) Leads us into the Vocal Chants and melody that are Familiar to both Tapestry of Nations and its Baby Sister Tapestry of Dreams. Throughout the middle, they also through the "Celebrate the Future hand in hand melody in every now and again" which was synonamous with the Millenium Celebration.

After a short little guitar Solo (accoustic) and other various instrumental elements peaking out of the song...It pretty much repeats portions of itself until the end which has no spoken parts and just closes, again with Ticking Clocks and an abrupt ending.

Tapestry of Dreams:

Opens up with Chimes and Childrens voices in the background. Then Builds to trumpet fanfare, with children saying there various dreams and asking about the Dreamseeker. A female voice starts singing which then Crescendos into the group vocals for the introduction of "Tapestry of Dreams"

From here they basically non chalantly introduce the Parade by asking to share your dreams in honor of Walt disney (the kids say enthusiastically). Various voices then Sing "dream" and leads into the spoken word introduction of the Dreamseekers....The introduction Builds (yes another crescendo) and leads into the Familiar Vocal Chant again, familiar to both Parades.

Throughout the Parade Children can be heard making various wishes/dreams in their native languages.

The main portions of the Parade do differ in composition with various spoken word parts spread throughout the soundtrack (as well as singing elements).

Some of the drum elements differ from ToN as well but pretty much it follows the same melody with a variety of differences to make them obvious that they are are not the same parade. From this point a lot of various aspects of the parade are repeated...(fast forward to the ending).

ToD ends with group vocals leading into Spoken Word wishing you happy dreams and encouraging people to never stop dreaming etc....It them fades itself out.

Hope this helps a bit