My own HM and POTC remixes

Ive posted a couple tracks over at alt.binaries.multimedia.disney that I patched together on sound forge for a special cd I made for my sister.
One is from the HM and the other is a Pirates mix.

Comments are appreciated.
Jeff in Orange County

less than 3 weeks to my Magical Gatherin" at WDW!


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I don't fight with you as much :p

I also don't remember when you've mentioned WDW trips BEFORE the fact...just after. Give me some lead time and I'll do a Happy Dance for you too!

Nov 9th - Dinner at C Grill
Nov 10 - AK , 11th D/MGM, 12th Epcot, 13th MK, 14th availible in case of rain delay or Typhoon Lagoon!

3 Childless couples. I haven't been since 97, Same for my Bro & Sis In laws, and My little sister hasnt returned since 1976 (?) (and her hubby has never been.

Re:MyWDW Magical Gatherin'

Money Money money.........

We are staying in an All Star after all! ::)

I'm settling for Cal Grill with new fireworks show!
Do you mean that ...

you are coming all of the way from eat at the California Grill? ;)

My memories of eating at the California Grill are tainted by the memory of enjoying dinner with two teenage boys with very limited tastes when it comes to what is eatable.

Sharon...weren't you doing the Disney Cruise (West)? Did you go? We are doing that in February and I was wondering how you liked it?


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What? no Pleasure Island somewhere in the mix? NO FAIR!!!


Yup, just came back from the Disney Magic on Saturday. I'm not a cruise husband thrill of the week was finding out the ship had an "unlimited high speed internet" package for $89.99 . But everyone else I was with (husband, in-laws, 2 friends) had a great time.

99% of the CMs were TRULY Disney Friendly...remember the ones you used to see in the parks who were so sweet that you wanted to smack them? That kind of friendly . Servers were terrific, housekeeping was great, etc.

There were some glitches, of course. i.e.: if you have more than one credit card for your room, MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR BILL at Guest Services, because they messed ours up BIG time (4 people in 1 room, 2 credit cards...and EVERYTHING went to just ONE card. Similar problem happened to our friends, who were a party of 2 with 2 cards). They STILL don't have a smooth way to get Palo dinner/brunch/high tea reservations done.

But OVERALL, it was a fun experience.

What excursions are you going on?

Jeesh a 3 way coversation and nothing to do with my topic
(I really dont mind)

Sharon: Kungaloosh! Monday night. Our group is pretty square so it'll just be Comedy and AC, and then early to bed.
(Mrs Jeff gets fatigued easily)

Bean: Why do you think I live here??
I even dont mind the California theme of DCA .. its just the repeat attractions/movies from WDW and they way they skimped on attractions (except Soarin'). Didn't Disney used to make audio-animatronics?)

Anyone else want to jump in? ;D

PS Did anyone listen to my mixes?


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Please check your Earthlink e-mail for a question. I will definitely be there on Nov. 10th (Monday) and will send you a picture of myself sometime in the next few days, okeedoke?

Sharon- we are doing the 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise on 2/28. I suspect that I am not a cruise person either. We are doing it in lieu of spending another week at the Boardwalk (which I would have preferred I suspect). My wife is excited anyway. It will be a treat to experience some old school castmembers. Did you do any of the on-shore activities? The 2 tank dive looks like fun, but it looks like it overlaps with the frolicking with the Rays trip. Was Palo worth it?

Jeff-that sounds like a standard night at PI to me. Do you mean that there is more to do after Comedy and the AC besides go to bed?


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We went on a handful of excursions, some of which were better than others. Some were promoted by Disney, some were not. You don't really save any money by using Disney, though you have the artificial reassurance that they'll take care of you if something goes wrong with the tour.

On Key West, we did the trolley ride. Gave a nice, leisurely tour of the "tourist" part of the island. Also did a windjammer cruise to see the sunset (THAT one was DEFINITELY worth it and I can get you the name of the one we went on, if you'd like).

On Grand Cayman, we did the half-submerged submarine (who cut our 60 min. tour down to 45 min. because Disney was late in getting us off the ship...Disney was supposed to refund us 25% of our money but never husband plans on pursuiting that) and then a bus tour (OK host, some sites were pretty, I got to buy rum cake and I can say I've been to Hell and back ) (Hell is a town on Grand Cayman).

In Cozumel, we did the Mayan Tulin Ruins tour. Not that I'm INTO Mayan ruins, but I don't think they gave us enough time there.

We were somewhat limited in what tours we could do because my in-laws were also on the trip and my MIL has rheumatoid arthritis and uses a wheelchair for any walking over 100 feet or so. And forget about more than a few steps, bumpy sidewalks, etc. (she stayed on the ship in Cozumel ).

We had 2 days at sea (Mon. and Thur.) and that's when I was miserable. "Who Wants To Be a Mouseketeer" was cute (ship version of WWTBAM, but with WAY easy questions...guy won a cruise when we saw it) and I enjoyed playing Bingo ($35 for 5 games?!?!?!), but a LOT of the other activities were boring or not planned well, IMHO.

We went snorkeling at Castaway Cay. That was nice (first time I had tried snorkeling since having a bad experience in the shark tank in Typhoon Lagoon in 1992). Also took up MUCH more time than anticipated and we were exhausted by the time we had our fill, so went back to the ship after (nasty, horrible) lunch.

Add all that to that the fact that I'm not a beach person, not a pool person, don't like to overstuff my face (the food WAS fabulous), and, well, thank God for unlimited Internet for $89.99 for the week .

Overall, the food was AWESOME. And yes, Palo is worth the extra $5 if you like to be treated super-special. The food and decor remind me of California Grill or Flying Fish, but the attention of the wait staff reminds me of Victoria & Albert's.

BTW, Comedy Warehouse is ONLY reserved for when the Adventurers Club has a delayed opening because of a banquet .

Sorry for the multiple off-topicness, everybody!


Dr. Know


I can't believe nobody has commented on your fun mixes! I thought you did a great job -- I really enjoyed them.

Thanks for sharing!