My musical observations from Disneyland!

Dr. Know

I LOVED this show! Very clever 3-d sound effects and a nice version of THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC to end it. The combination of instrument sounds in the headphones and the singers in the theater speakers made for an excellent finale. What does this CD from wonderland music contain?

Great movie and an awesome entrance medley. Anyone know about a recording?

New Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln has a very beautiful score. I have never been able to find out who composed it. The exit music, made up entirely of new thematic material composed for the show, is one of my favorite unobtainable pieces of park music. Unfortunately, most people never hear it as they make a hasty exit from the auditorium. I would be so thrilled if it would turn up on the 50th anniversary set, but I'm not really holding out any hope.

As for One Man's Dream... right on! I mentioned the entrance/exit medley as my "holy grail" in my recent WDW trip report... another great piece by Bruce Broughton that Disney will never, ever let us hear in the comfort of our own homes.

Thanks for the report, Rick!


Was the Aladdin part from the DCA recording?

Nope, it's not. It sounds to me like a version of the original Brad Kane and Lea Salonga version, with extra chorus and percussion and a bit different ending mixed in. I've been looking everywhere for a version like that one. In fact, I'm still desperately looking for a copy of that whole Disney medley used in the middle of the show!