My Mary Poppins arrived today

Hi, my copy of Mary Poppins DVD came today from Amazon. It came much earlier than expected. From the pics of the dvd case in the ads led me to think it would be a die-cut, sillouette slip cover, but it was not.

Dr. Know

The 5.1 audio mix is getting panned to death in the Home Theatre Forum and the Film Score Monthly boards. Any reactions from anyone here? Apparently the 2.0 mix is included, and acceptable.
Not yet; I think my copy is under our Christmas tree but you're right -- those boards indicate most are very disappointed regarding the 5.1 mix. Now I'm disappointed as well. Looks like I'll have to wait and see (hear). . .
Mary Poppins indeed was released with a slip cover....depending which "display" was shipped to a store received a 2x2 display and they were slipcovered....yet my refills for it where not.
Now that I've seen the first 30 minutes or the film in the Enhanced Surround, or whatever they call it, I thought it sounds all right.