My Illuminations 25 Confusion

OK, I have a few questions. First, I was College Program at EPCOT during the last half of 1996 so the original, kinda crappy Illuminations 25 is the one cemented in my mind from many nights on the lagoon.

So I have a downloaded version of Version One, but it's intro (the part where everyone says hi from their different countries) is different from the one that actually went with the show.

To add to the weirdness, I have a copy of Version Two that DOES have the intro I remember (aka, ZA LAND OF ZA RISING ZAHN!).

So, what's the deal? And I could use a little history on the two versions of Il25 as well. For some reason, I really don't remember seeing the second version, although I know I went down to WDW *many* times between 01/97 and 01/00. Yet I really have no distinct memory of seeing the second version, although listening to it now it's pretty good.

Did the Il25 Ver. 2 play all the way until Reflections of Earth started? Why the heck can't I remember it? And why have I found on this site at least two park albums from the that time period that I simply can't remember?

Did I really spend the last half of the decade in a fog? Or am I just blocking it out?

Anyway, all answers will be appreciated :)