My DisneySea CDs just arrived/


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Well I finally broke down and ordered the three latest DisneySea CDs from (DisneySea Symphony, Porto Paradiso Water Carnival, and Aqausphere Them Music). They just arrived, less than a week after I ordered them.

Speaking of which, here's a plug for CDJapan: I've ordered most of my Tokyo Disney CDs from them and they are excellent. Orders ship within a couple of days after being placed (this order was placed 4/24 here in DE and it shipped 4/26 from Japan) with very reasonable shipping and handling charges. But best of all, they charge the regular list price in Yen, as opposed to the high import prices from Amazon or CDNow.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm popping DisneySea Symphony in my CD-ROM drive for listening while I write an article on wireless application gateways. I'll post reviews a bit later.



I just ordered those same 3 cds from CDJapan plus the TDL EP Dreamlights - Show Edition cd. My order was processed on the 24th, shipped on the 26th, and arrived here in Los Angeles today. The Postal Service tried to deliver them, but no one was here to sign for the package. :-

Hopefully tomorrow...

But once again, I've received incredible service from CDJapan not to mention the speedy delivery and reasonable S+H charges. I can't sing their praises enough.

I can't wait for the it's a small world cd coming out in June...finally the Hawaiian track et al. are being released. :D