My Disney Fireworks Medley! (audio sample)


Dear Disney Music Friends,

How is everyone? Today was our last day of Spring Break so it?s a little depressing. But that?s not why I am writing.

Those that know me know that my ultimate goal in life is to become a Disney composer- especially for the Disney parks! I have been working on a Disney fireworks medley (7 minutes long) for quite some time now and finally finished it this past weekend! I recorded the orchestra and the backup vocals and it?s ready to go! I have sent it to some composers that I know to see if anyone knows who I need to talk to. Anyway, I was so excited about how it turned out I just couldn?t wait to share my excitement with some true Disney music fans!

I posted a 25 second LOW quality RealPlayer sample on my website. I didn?t put any of my original theme on the site because I?m smarter than that. But if you would like to hear part of the Fanfare, please feel free to listen to the sample. The clip includes portions of, ?When You Wish Upon A Star? and, ?It?s Time to Remember the Magic?. The tale end of the sample goes into the theme from ?Fantasmic? and on to other favorites from there. The singers on the recording are actual former Disney singers and wouldn?t you believe it, they all live here in my city!!! What are the odds!!??

To me, nothing is more moving than the music of Disney. It?s not about claiming the fame of your music in the parks, it?s about touching peoples lives and just making someone smile. If you have time, please visit the site and listen to the sample. I would absolutely LOVE to hear your comments. Sorry the sample is so short and the quality is so low, but I?m afraid put anymore original music out there. You know as well as I do that more music is being stolen these days on the internet. (By the way, the entire medley is ? so don?t even think about it! I WILL FIND YOU!!!) Thanks again! Remember- please feel free to send your comments!! THANKS!!!!!!

The site is...


PS: If anyone knows anybody high up at Disney that I could get in touch with, please let me know! You have no idea how much it would mean to me. Thanks so much!!!

PPS: If you are one of those people that rips off composers by stealing their music, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!!!



Thanks for the compliment. It has taken me approx. three months to arrange and orchestrate. Thanks for your interest!



Good luck to you Rick. Sounds as if you have the start of something here. Maybe one day I'll get to hear the full thing in the parks. :)

Hey Bill, there IS a free version of RealPlayer for Mac OSX. The link is super tiny and over shadowed by their premium player, but it's there... and played this clip like a champ on Panther!

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You might want to contact Don Dorsey of Electrical Parade, Fantasmic, Illuminations, Reflections of Earth Fame. His website is . He's really friendly and might be able to direct you.