Musical Tour of Epcot- Your suggestions please


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I am putting together a cd for a friend, something along the lines of a Musical Tour of Epcot. I would love to have ideas from board members for what to include. Here is my criteria:

1. Use officially released tracks and/or easily obtainable tracks from other sources.

2. Represent current attractions and pavillions only. As much as I love Horizons and World of Motion, they are not going to be included.

3. Focus more on musical selections rather than complete ride-throughs. Example: Ellen's Energy Crisis or the score from Soarin'

I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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Some things I plan to include:

Renaissance from SpaceShip Earth
Living Seas Main Theme
Honey I Shrunk the Audience Exit Music/Theme
Ellen's Energy Crisis
I am a SUCKER for EPCOT Center music. I actually have a 3-cd set I have put together. I admit, it doesn't fit all your criteria, but here is my collection:

1. Concourse Medley (25min)
2. Spaceship Earth (full dialogue & music)
3. World of Motion (complete)
4. Surprise in the Skies Daytime Fireworks

1. Horizons (ride thru- 31min)
2. El Rio del Tiempo (13min)
3. Impressions de France (full dialogue & music)
4. Journey Into Imagination (ride thru)

DISC 3 the singles
1. Original Entrance Music (28min)
2. Universe of Energy
3. Tomorrow's Child
4. Space
5. One Little Spark
6. New Horizons
8. Magic Journeys
9. Listen to the Land
10. Kitchen Kabaret Medley
11. It's Fun to Be Free
12. Energy (You Make the World Go 'Round)
13. Canada (You're a Lifetime Journey)
14. Golden Dream

might I suggest for your collection, the Epcot Entrance Medley on the last few Offical Albums? It's one of my favs!!
hope this helps! Any questions or comments, feel free to contact me!
I have TONS more Epcot music, but I felt this was a good representation of classic favorites!



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Thanks Spectro

I just took a peek at your personal website. Anyone who shares four of my absolute favorite movies is someone I need to get to know. ;D


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I am a SUCKER for EPCOT Center music. I actually have a 3-cd set I have put together. I admit, it doesn't fit all your criteria, but here is my collection:
That is one sweet set. I just might have to put a copy together myself.

lee81, may I suggest...

Impressions de France, which is available on many park soundtracks.

A song from the Voices of Liberty or American Vybe (they have a couple of albums available.)

Anything from the IllumiNations Pre-Show Music. You can find the list at and the music is generally available online. But, you can take a shortcut by going to

Have a great time putting this together. Let us know what you end up creating!


Hi. I love the music of Epcot.
For Future World-how about something from the fountain of nations(rocketeer,iron will,and rescuers down under are all good).Also Papillon by David Arkenstone for Innoventions plaza.One little Spark from Imagination would be nice too.
For World Showcase-it would be great to include a little area music from each country,but that's difficult.I agree with everyone that you should include Impressions of France.Also,I would include "Golden Dream"from American Adventure.The finale should be "We Go On".
Good luck with your CD. :)

Dr. Know

I have put together several EPCOT compilations like this... here is my most recent (assembled after my 2004 trip):

Innoventions-Papillon (On The Wings Of The Butterfly) 5:21
Listen to the Land from The Land Exterior Loop 2:04
Mission Space exterior (excerpt) 1:00
Spaceship Earth - 'Complete Attraction Score (1994)' 18:34
The Making Of Me Load Music (Broughton) 1:31
Journey into Imagination underscore (2002) 1:07
HISTA preshow theme (Broughton) 2:12
HISTA load theme (Broughton) 2:02
Ellen's Energy Adventure Overture (Broughton) 4:50
American Adventure-New World Bound (Baker/Atencio) 1:47
Golden Dream (Moline/Bright) 2:58
Impressions de France (score) 17:07 Buddy Baker (arr.)

After my more recent trip, I need to update this compilation -- sadly, will have to remove Making of Me... and add Soarin!
If I could I would create a World Showcase CD with music starting in order from Mexico all the way around to Canada, the way I like to walk it.