Musical History of WDW?

I recently emailed Merchandise Guest Services to ask if we were ever going to get a Musical History collection for WDW, much like the one Disneyland got. They responded fairly quickly:

Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts with us.
We make every attempt to provide our Guests with a broad range of products and merchandise. Unfortunately, we are limited as to the scope of what we are able to carry at any given time due to the huge diverse nature of our company and its history. We discontinue and introduce new merchandise as often as we can in an attempt to meet the many requests for specific types of products. When we receive comments such as yours, they are shared with various members of our organization. The input we receive from our Guests lets us know what we are doing right and what we can do better. We appreciate your observations and will share them at the appropriate levels.

Walt Disney World
Merchandise Guest Services

Doesn't sound too promising.


Playlist Author
I don't think they answered your question. ;)

At any rate, it sounds like an automatically generated response. Randy posted here that there would not be a 50th box set like Disneylands, but mentioned he was working on smaller projects for WDW's anniversary, so expect more attraction/show specific CDs soon.
By "more attraction/show specific CDs" I hope that will mean some neglected past attractions that got short shrift in the WDW Forever CDs.