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I heard that the edition of "A Musical History of Disneyland" with the black vinyl is actually more rare than the 5000 gold ones because after the huge boom of sales early on demand greatly dropped and less than 5000 black records needed to be produced. If there is any truth to this do u think Disney will end up including records in the national release to keep the gold edition special?
Hiya rytheguy!

What you heard is incorrect. Sales dropped on the Limited Edition because we sold out (save for a few that Disneyland has held back to maintain at least a presence until the Special Edition arrives). Demand is still quite rampant as we get 100s of requests daily. Approximately 15,000 of the Special Edition have been produced. Even before those 15k have shipped, Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disney Direct, have placed additional re-orders and we will fulfill those as well.

When the set goes national in September, it will not include the vinyl.

Manufacturing is complete for the first 15k of the Special Edition and you should start seeing them in the parks within the next week I have been told.

Hope than answers your questions,
Randy Thornton


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Thx Randy,
I'm still a bit confused. by special edition are you taking about the one with the black vinyl, cause I thought only 5k were being made of the gold. I thought the gold was the special edition. Sry, If I sound a little misinformed, I'm just a bit confused. Btw, I already have my set with the gold viny and I love it. You did a FANTASTIC job on it.


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K, I feel dumb, I just read over your post again and I think I get it now. Limited edition =gold(5k), special edition =black(15k so far). Corect me if I'm wrong. Thx again for your awesome and speedy reply before!
I didn't realized that the black edition hadn't come out yet. In that case, the World of Disney Store in NYC still has the gold in stock.


Does anyone know for sure what the price will be for the national release? I know Randy in an earlier post said it would be the same as the Limited and Special Edition, but in the last issue of the Disney Magazine (Page 76), it says the price will be $99.98.

I'm kinding hoping the Disney Magazine is correct because I'd rather purchase it at that price since I don't really want the vinyl album.


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Two weeks ago Disneyland still had the Gold Vinyl edition, and the other day (last week) they had the black. Not to say that the gold is sold out, they could have both at the same time.