Music to Accompany a World on the Move


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Hey everyone!

The General Electric Carousel of Progress, Monsanto's Adventure Thru Inner Space, the Goodyear Peoplemover - oh the wonders of New Tomorrowland circa 1967! I am working on compiling a new Tomorrowland CD (because the ones I have are never good enough, and there's always room for improvement) and have a few questions for those you who lived through a "World on the Move."

1. Does anyone remember the BGM for a "World on the Move"? I am assuming that the ubiquitous "Monorail Song" appeared somewhere. How about "Go Go Goodyear" or "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow"? Were these played throughout Tomorrowland?

2. Does anyone know how many versions of "Go Go Goodyear" there were? Are they available anywhere, in amateur form or better? Anyone want to trade?

3. Did the Carousel of Progress have such a thing as "Load" (prior to the "Kalediophonic Opening") and "Exit" music?

4. Does anyone have the "Lounge" version of "Miracles from Molecules"? Anyone want to trade?

In advance, thank you for any information you can provide. Have a "great big beautiful day"!

I can reply to questions 2 and 3 (and make a guess at number 1). I don't believe there was any "area" background music, just the loops/load music at the individual attractions. I'm not old enough to have experienced when it was new, but there just aren't speakers throughout the land that would have allowed such an area loop to exist.

There were three versions of Go Go Goodyear that played at the PeopleMover station: the March, Jazz, and Cha-Cha! Go Go Goodyear was never copyrighted by Disney, but it's never been released either. (The problem lies in its resemblance to a college's fight song.)

Load music for the Carousel of Progress did indeed exist. I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it's a very mellow version of Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow. It was part of the old Tomorrowland loop in the Disney Gallery in 97. I'm not sure which exit music you're referring to, though I'm guessing either the Speedramp March (which played on the Speedramp up to Progress City) or the Progress City music itself.