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OK, to add a little more "music" back into the forum, and (hopefully) get some life going again, I want to ask a question of everyone.

What has been the highlight of collecting Disney music for you? In other words, what one thing has made you jump for joy, or has become the centerpiece of your Disney music collection? It doesn't have to be an actuall item, it can be an event as well.

For me there are many hight points, but I think my best moment was being able to find the "Treasures of Fantasy" boxed set from Tokyo Disneyland. I never ever thought I would be able to get my hands on it, and pretty much gave up hope, but by luck I was able to get ahold of it. I think it's the thing I'm most proud of and excited by. I guess for me, I like having something that not everyone has. I'm not as excited by, let's say, the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack because it's so readily availible. I love the music, but having the CD is not that big a deal to me because a lot of people have it because it's so mainstream (including people who don't collect Disney).

OK, I'm breaking my own rule here, but I wanted to add another high point. Not actually owning the CD's, but the pure listening experience of the "75 Years of Music and Memories" boxed set was great! I think that set alone says "Disney" to me more than anything else because it's such a varied and (somewhat) chronological trip through Disney history. I'm REALLY glad I have the set, but not because of it's collectability, but because I LOVE the music!

I hope this starts up some positive music discussion, and breathes a little life into the (lately) dead Disney music arena.

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Ben, I know we've gotten off the music as of late, because of this animation issue, but everyone's been so disturbed by it, and I know it could eventually have musical implications as well--we've already seen a paucity of memorable songs as of late! But anyway, your topic is a refreshing one!
Even before I read the rest of your post, I knew that the cornerstone of my Disney music collection has to be Randy Thornton's beautifully conceived(and annotated) 75 Year of Music and Memories 3-CD set. I love how he chronologically went through film music, television music, and theme park music(and included the Scarecrow of Romney Marsh theme!) to produce a collection that touches it all, and proves why we so dearly love Walt Disney's musical legacy. Mike.
P. S. Honorable mention to The Music Behind the Magic 4-CD set that gives tribute to the genius of Howard Ashman--a rare glimpse into how truly memorable music is created.


The thing that got me started was the "need" to relive the Disneyland expireince... First it was the Offical Albums, than CDs like Pirates and HM, the Fantasmic and WDW 2000 CD, DL and WDW Forever CDs, and building music loops. I added the movie soundtracks as well and my collection has grown to amounts that even I couldn't phantom. But the cornerstone of my collection (no snickers, please) has to be that '97 Official Album that started it all!


For me, it would go back to 1981. After having seen the MSEP @ DL several times those first few summers when it was brought back, my parents bought me the 7" EP of the soundtrack & the '80 OA of DL/WDW. Ever since then, I've been hooked. They had taken Super-8mm home movies of the parade & every time we watched them, I'd cue up the soundtrack for everybody which was pefect since you had to dim the lights anyway to watch the films. I always wished that the record would sound the way I remember it from the park (eg., w/ the voiced announcement, etc.). Of course, over the last 10 years, that has come to pass at the same time that I've been able to indulge myself as well.


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Great posts! Thanks for sharing your experiences, everyone!

The Main Street Electrical Parade is another special one for me. Having grown up in Southern California and visiting Disneyland at least once a year, I grew up watching the parade. I remember even as a kid (and not being very into Disney) I came home and would be humming the Baroque Hoedown for weeks! The funny thing is, I usually didn't know where it came from, and why I was humming it! I guess the music really did stick in my brain!

The thing that actually started off my Disney music (and Disney in general) interest in collecting was The Little Mermaid. I didn't really have any interest in Disney before that. After hearing the soundtrack and then going to see the movie, I was hooked! After that I started collecting all the soundtracks and theme park albums that I could. Gradually, my focus shifted to the theme parks, which is where it still is now.


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For me it's the Fantasmic and MSEP soundtracks. DL's Fantasmic, BTW. They both bring tears to my eyes.

(just back from a long weekend to NY/NJ where it was a godforsaken 23 degrees and I appreciated moving to FL all the more!)
The absolute highlight of my Disney music experience was discovering that the official album LP (1980?) was actually released on CD in Japan and Australia.

This was topped only when I actually found said album on eBay (thanks to a tip from the great Ben C. himself) I still owe you one for that!



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Hey, Aaron! I'm really glad I could help you with that one, because I know how hard that sucker was to find! I was lucky and bought the last copy from Footlight Records in NY here a few years back.

A definite highlight for me too, especially to get that stereo America Sings track!