"Music of Dreams" question?

I found some tracks on winMX all labeled from the "Music of Dreams" albums... the few tracks I was able to get were all wonderful!

Any idea on where this is from? I can't find it on the database here.

Thanks in advance!
two of the files I got were labeled:

I'm Wishing-Disney's MUSIC OF DREAMS 5-14-In a World of My Own.mp3

I Wan'na Be Like You-Disney's MUSIC OF DREAMS 6-12-Mickey Mouse Club Mix.mp3

any ideas?

I am guessing the first name is the name of that volume and then the number refers to the voume and track number?

The "World of My Own" is Darlene Gillespie singing (from the Camarata album).



I would like to know too. The link I posted is to a Japanese mail order company. I ordered from them once before without problem but I recently tried contacting them and never received a response?even after repeated e-mails (ntkr@interlink.or.jp). I even sent a short message in (crudely translated) Japanese in case they were just ignoring my English messages. If anyone could get me in contact with them so that I could order again from them, I would be very grateful.

Henry Fink


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The set is from 1997, so it will most likely be VERY hard to track down. I was lucky and found it on Ebay, but I've only ever seen it the one time. However, I have seen some of the individual CD's sold at Book-Off (a Japanese used bookstore). So, you might be able to get them that way, just no box, or book...

My opinion on the set, is that it's just ok. Sure, there are tons of tracks, but many of them seen hastily thrown together with a loose theme, such as "Under the Sea" which is mostly songs from the "Sebastian's Party Gras" and "Sebastian" albums. There is some stuff on there from LP recordings, so that might be a little harder to track down, but nothing on the set hasn't been released before in some form.