Music from 1981 Film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'

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It is a true wonderment. I will use something similar or some stylistics and the mood in an orchestral cue I am composing for a new movie. As is, I have a classical song I wrote that I heard in a dream of mine and will be using. So what I am doing, ti wont be the same notes or such derivation, but it will have the same sense of wonderment and granduer those tracks brought me. A song that has a similar effect to me is David Arkenstone/Kostia's magical song "The Cello's Song".

And if you are big into upcoming movies, my work will be used in a new comedy coming up called Horrorween. If you want a REAL freakout, look it up on IMDB and see who my music writing partner is on this :D
Re:Music from 1981 film 'A Dream Called EPCOT' (downloads)

None other than the King of Funk. (Or, more correctly, the 'Prime Minister of Funk'.)
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back again, had purchased the film on Epcot, the Michael Landon narrated one, thought it was it but the important music was nowhere to be found! Blah! :(

(on my side, Donald Trump just joined the festivities and I finished building a Theremin for the soundtracking. Party time....


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southpaw said:
Here's a musical selection from the 1981 promotional film 'A Dream Called EPCOT'. For those of you who are unfamiliar with it, the film opened at The Walt Disney Story (EPCOT Preview Center) at WDW on June 1, 1981.

During that time I was the Audio-Visual Specialist at the Disney University (Disneyland). We had a 16mm copy and showed it at cast member classes and events.

The music is from the last part of the film where a preview of EPCOT is presented with mixed shots of the pavilion models and artist's renderings. This particular selection (without the narration) was also played at The Walt Disney Story in the exit area and the outdoor porch area of the attraction. I obtained a copy from Imagineering and used it as BGM before showing the film.

The levels are all over the place on this recording — that's because it was lifted directly from the film's final mix and the dips occur where there's narration. There's also some buzz and hum, but this was on the original tape. Overall, it's a great recording.

Speaking of the narration, Dick Tufeld (Man in Space, The Wonderful World of Disney, etc.) was the voice behind the film. I had the honor of working with him a couple of times. He's a real pro and a very nice guy.

Here's a breakdown of the segments:

- Listen To The Land
- Energy (Feel the Flow)
- Imagination (One Little Spark)
- It's Fun To Be Free
- New Horizons
- The Living Seas
- Communicore
- Transition to World Showcase
- Germany
- United Kingdom
- France
- Italy
- Japan
- Mexico
- Canada
- American Adventure
- Epilogue
- We're Getting Ready

One more thing. I'm terrible at navigating around the various newsgroups. If you're a pro, please share these files with the rest of the World. Thanks and ENJOY! --Jim

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THE LIVING SEAS (segment from 'A Dream Called EPCOT')
I've never liked the BGM from the Seas pavilion — a little too "new age-y" and electronic sounding. This piece is absolutely beautiful and very moving. It captures the grandeur, power and mystery of the oceans — all in 30 seconds. Of all the segments, this one is my favorite. Too bad that an expanded version was not used for the attraction.
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Another nice selection — It has a wonderfully mysterious, anticipatory and far-off feel to it.
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Okay so I truly apologize for the thread bump but I didn't want to make another thread about this.

Is there still a way to obtain the .mp3 of this? I don't know what newsgroup mentioned earlier is where it was (if it's still available). I had it saved once upon a dream but lost it back in 2011 and been looking for this thread since.


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I'm afraid it's not possible to give any ideas about where to obtain copyright music from apart from those commercially available (Amazon, iTunes etc) on this site.
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