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would other members here be interested in setting up some sort of disney music exchange? We could post what we have, or what we are looking for, and exchange cd's, cd-r's, md's, tapes, etc. to help each other fill the "holes" in our collections, or to help us update our collections. I guess we would need to get Trent's approval on this, so it doesn't violate any rules.

Anyone interested?
Trent is this possible?

EXAMPLE: (for those who need examples) I am looking for Song of the South soundtrack on cd-r or md. Someone else has it, makes me a copy and I exchange them a copy of 101 Dalmations cd on md. Or something like that.


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I am definitely interested! Unfortunately I do not have access to an MD player/recorder, just CD-Burners. I have many tracks/discs to contribute. I will attempt to get a list together and await the final go ahead.


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i have just about any format (cd, md, reel, 8 track, cassette, dat...etc). so i can certainly xfer anything to cd that anyone would need. 8) ;D :D
If your talking about records that havent been released on cd or maybe cds that are no longer available i might be up for that but if your talking about exchanging things that can still be bought I am against it.


Jessica L

Sounds intriguing! Like Steve, I think it should only be an exchange for material that has never been or is no longer available. I'm looking for the One and Only, Genuine Original Family Band soundtrack myself!

I actually have a sealed copy of that record I bought on Ebay a few years ago. I hope it didnt warp by being sealed all these years. If I ever figure out how to hook my junky stereo up to my computer I'll start transfering this stuff to mp3s. I also have Summer Magic and a few Song of the South records I would like to transfer



I'M IN TOO (if this goes forward)!!!

Actually, over the last several years I have had many great exchanges with several members of the forum on a one-on-one basis. Because of that, I have been able to enjoy some real treasures that I otherwise would never have been able to listen to and have amassed quite a collection in addition to all of the commercially released and Forever cds that I have purchased over the years.

Some of those members are no longer around here anymore. Those of you who still are know who you are and let me just say that I have never had a bad experience trading with anyone I've met through here. I would hope that those feelings are mutual.

So, I am extremely enthusiastic about future prospects for an open trading forum here. This is also a great opportunity for those who wish to add to or finish their Forever collections, since those tracks are no longer available now.

:) :D ;D
I think the trade idea is fantastic! I have a few oddities like the Disney's Orgel 'Sweet', which is a CD of Disney songs done in a 'music box' style and some other imports like 'The Ultimate Collection' and 'Love Hits' which have cool cover versions of Disney songs.

I would love to have the soundtracks (or at least SOME songs) of:

Make Mine Music
Fun And Fancy Free
Melody Time

I absolutely love these movies and the songs featured throughout.

And then of course I'd love the have the soundtracks that (to my knowledge) haven't been released, at least on CD:

Saludos Amigos
The Three Caballeros
The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
The Sword In The Stone
Robin Hood
The Rescuers (at least 3 songs were included on the 'Down Under' CD)
The Fox and The Hound
The Black Cauldron

and I'd love a rerelease of
The Great Mouse Detective.

I guess THAT'S not asking for too much now is it?


Hey Bill,

Wow, can't believe I forgot to mention LPs in my post. Shame on Shane! Gotta give love to all the vinyl fans out there. Some of my favorite all-time Disney music has never been released on cd. I have quite a few 33s myself (almost exclusively theme park material). Yet another example of the vast potential resources this idea could untap for us.


As Steve mentioned, these exchanges should be for music not available on cd. I would prefer someone not asking me to trade something I have for a copy of Disney's Radio Jams. ::)

And, as Shane mentioned, I have had (and still have) a good exchange relationship with a member of this forum. I have been able to get some really cool recordings over the past couple of years.

So we seem to have some interested parties here. I'd say we could start posting what we have and see what happens, but I would also like for Trent to chime in and let us know if it would be okay. I don't know what kind of repercussions this site would face if Mr. Eisner finds out. Maybe I am just being paranoid.

I will email Trent and ask, and post his reponse. Then we can move on to phase two.
I just bought a CD-recorder to add onto my stereo system, and I am in heaven! My LP's, cassettes can all go onto CD now--plus I can hook up the burner to the Bose surround-sound system and record the audio from videotapes and DVD's! One of my first CD's was recording the "Meet Me Down On Main Street" LP by the Mellowmen(with the one and only Thurl Ravenscroft!), which I then topped off with the "Gallegher" theme song, also sung by the Mellowmen, recorded off a videotaping of "The Wonderful World of Color"(the great theme song, to my knowledge, has never even been released in ANY format!)! I've also got a functioning 78 turntable--so I'm ready to go, if exchanges are a possibility! Michael.

Steve Little

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G'Day from Down Under. My first posting on the new site and what a great new look, thanks very much Trent :).

I will of course join all of you in the exchange. Will and I (G'Day Will) have already exchanged music. it's so amazing to still get to hear stuff I have never heard before. My bigest problem is getting together a catalogue. I had a very extensive one till my computer crashed and my backup did not work :'(. I was shattered at the time but over it now.

But I now have a new reason to get my catalogue going again :).



Hello all,

Okay, I'm chiming in... Personally, I'd like to be a part of an exchange for unreleased/out-of-print music. I'm just not sure if its the right thing to do for this board and this site. Perhaps, I might consider setting up a mailing list that's seperate from the discussion forum where trading discussion can be had.

I've always wanted to keep this board as a place where WDR and Disney in general would feel comfortable sending people to for a resource.

Let me think about it for a few days... I'll report back soon.



thanks trent.

I know there is a lot to consider. This thread has had 250+ views, yet only about 10 interested people. Once word spread, if this goes through, it could get out of hand. I wouldn't be opposed to a mailing list. Maybe those interested could email you (or a central person) who could compile what everyone has and/or wants, then in turn send back an email of the complete list to the group. Then it would be up to the music exchange group to contact the the individual group members for exchanges. We could then have a monthly update for anything new added for contributions to the exchange.

Anyway, let us know what you think.



Ooh! I'd definitely be interested in that!! I don't have a CD burner or anything, but I have plenty of park mp3s I'd be more than happy to share. :)



Good point, Trent. I could see where this might easily get way out of hand. The mailing list idea could work and I would definitely want to participate in that sort of arranement. By the way,I have always admired your presentation of this site with regards to it's appeal as an "official" Disney resource.

Waiting to hear your decision,


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i agree trent. while the idea has merit we certainly would not want to bogg down your board with exchanges. that would not be fair to those who have no desire to participate. if anyone has any ideas i'm all ears (bad pun). perhaps another bulletin board or something like that.

those of you who have newer collections (in my opinion) should and will not be excluded. speaking for myself i enjoy sharing my hard work with others who appriciate it as much as i do. i was once a novice collector and thanks to other's generosity i have built up a gigantic collection. so i say share the joy. ;D