Music at Mission:Space?

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So, now that some folks have been on it, what can you tell us about music? What's the area music like and is there an onboard score?


I really have not paid attention to the area music that much since the attraction is usually a walk on and the line forms inside the building. Also, I don't recall much or if any music was being played at all during the queue. Once you get to the briefing area, there is some sort of orchestral music similar to those played in NASA shows and space-theme movies. During the ride, there is music in the background to go along with the ride, but the ride is quite intense and you are given tasks to perform so the intensity of the g-forces plus the duties you have to perform as a crew member kinda deviate your attention from it. All I could tell you is the music does match the intensity of the ride, sorta like Treasure Planet's music during those 'soaring thru space' scenes. The music did seem to keep up the pace of the ride, and that's as much as I can remember.

Dr. Know

The exterior loop is entirely instrumental, and clocks in at 25 minutes. Its ok, but not in the same league as the old Horizons exterior loop (i.m.h.o.)

I just heard the theme song on

All I can say is...

Was I on hold for Eckerd Drugs or something?!

:-[ It's not too Disneyesque. Even the Millennium Celebration songs were catchier.

Yeah. That's right. LOTS of people will be humming this one. ::) (It's not memorable).

As for the instrumentals, okay, nice. But there's no heart in Mission: Space. It's a small, cold pavilion as far as I've experienced (July). . . :-


So - how do us non-media folks get to hear it? Looks like you can't get on the site without media credentials from the Disney Company...


It seems as though the New User button has a bug in it - it does the same thing as the Sign In button.



I believe the site used to let you download it, but they probably figured out that normal people found it and downloaded it. It looks like now only the media can get a pass word.

Dr. Know

Interesting information available at that site -- Trevor Rabin is the composer of the score to the attraction. I am a fan of some of his film scores, especially Remember the Titans, Jack Frost, and Texas Rangers. We'll have to keep an eye out for a promo release from him, since we can't count on Disney giving us an official release of the music from this attraction.