MuppetVision's Queue (on Both Coasts)

The Trout

I've been digging around the forum archives a bit and still haven't found a satisfactory answer for this. From what I understand, the commonly traded MuppetVision 3D instrumental tracks play in a loop predominantly in DCA, but NOT at DHS (or, if they ARE played at DHS, it's extremely softly). In contrast, the DHS loop is heard to be mostly vocal tracks from the original Muppet soundtracks.

As such, my question is this: does anyone have playlists for either the instrumental or vocal loops? There's a list at DisneyMusicLoops that's identical for both parks but has nothing but titles, so the information I'm working from right now is muddled at best.


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[topic=4155]This thread[/topic] will be of use to you.

Specifically, this quote by Jay:

It turns out that the instrumental tracks do play in the outside queue. Perhaps it is because the outside queue hasn't been used in ages, but the volume level is kept extremely low, and that is why I haven't noticed the instrumentals before. Once you are close to the actual entrance, the volume level goes up considerably, and you can hear the instrumentals. You do need to be listening for them, though, as the nearby speakers playing the vocal tracks are at a much higher volume level and tend to drown everything else out.