Muppetvision 3d queue

Dr. Know

Hi ho,

There are high quality instrumental tracks from the Muppetvision 3d queue floating around.... and I was wondering: were these ever commercially released? I don't think they ever made it onto DL/WDW Forever.... or were they leaked somehow?

Does anyone know who is responsible for these fun arrangements?

Not sure of the exact answer in most cases, but I have a good idea. Its similar to how most commercial releases get leaked before they are released to stores. Someone in the chain gets a copy of the music and decides to share with their friends. In the case of Disney ride/BGM stuff, someone in Imagineering, a Cast Member, or even a contractor may be able to lay their hands on the music in any form. A CD sitting around, output on the machines they use to do the audio, or tracks sitting on a machine on the network that isn't protected. In almost all cases Disney hold's the copyright to the music we hear, or at least that particular arrangment of it. So legally the music has to walk out. Whether someone emails it to themselves, burns a cd, hooks up their laptop, or just borrows the source for the night, anything could happen. All this is hypothetical, but I doubt it's far from the reality. But, as I said, since Disney owns the music, I doubt anyone from the inside will actually share how they get stuff out.