Muppets "OZ" tonight!

I copied this from a post on and thought it would apply here also :)
Muppet Fans Read this!!!

Don't Forget get to watch Muppet Wizard of Oz Tonight, on ABC

Remember that the more who watch this and give good reviews, the more likely they are to open up more Muppet stuff at MGM. So after it's over, please send a note to ABC & Disney telling them how great the movie was!!!


also, to link this topic to the board a little more, did anyone get the soundtrack to the special? I saw it at the store but am gonna wait till I watch (ok, tape) it tonight. Wal*mart had it for 13.99 and Virgin MegaStore in downtown disney had it on sale for 9.99.
It's 15 tracks and the first 6 are from the special then the rest are all a "greatest hits" so not too bad for the price.

Enjoy the movie everyone!