is there any sheet music of the exact Baroque Hoedown track that is heard in the Electrical Parade (US & Paris versions ONLY) by this I mean non-classical. I am looking to write my own set of Christmas overlays (for personal use) & it would greatly help if the music was already pre-written so I wouldn't have to transcribe the notes from the soundtrack. Thanks!

Alex K

I don't know if the version in A Souvenir Disney Songbook would meet your needs, but that's the only sheet music version I've seen of MSEP. Piano version. It isn't exactly what's on the parade.

Christmas overlay? Like your own version of the Christmas overlay at the parade itself during holidays at WDW? I made a complete video file of that version of the parade before it went away, and still like watching it from time to time just to listen to the holiday synth tracks.