MSEP, my wedding, and a word of thanks!


Hello there, fellow Disney music enthusiasts. I lurk here every day, but post rarely. However, late last year, I posted a question about finding the sheet music used for the Main Street Electrical Parade. Some of you were kind enough to point me to a songbook that was published many years back, which I was able to obtain used. Why was I looking for it? Well, because I was getting married, and wanted to use the tune as part of the recessional (why my wife went along with it, I still don't know, but that's part of the reason I love her!).

My goal was to have a more "reverent" version performed by my musicians (piano, guitar, mandolin), similar in tone to what you'd find on Heigh Ho Mozart, but with the triumphant feel of the orchestral version on the WDW MSEP CD.

We got married on 02/02/02 at 2:02 p.m. (cool date and time, huh?), and needless to say, the music all worked out nicely. As you'll be able to read on our wedding website, we used part of the recorded orchestral version, and then the musicians took over with a live version after that.

Our wedding was broadcast live over the Internet, and I have an archived version parked on our website. In fact, if you have RealPlayer installed, you can watch the whole MSEP segment, complete with audio and video.

I just wanted to thank those of you who helped me find what I need to make our day special! Here are a couple links to fill you all in on how it went...

MSEP at our wedding info

Our wedding website


- Steve


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Steve (and Amy)-

That is TERRIFIC and a HUGE congratulations! Joe and I were married just 3 weeks after you...2/23/02. We got married at WDW and had several Disney "musical touches" thrown in throughout the day and night.

Again, CONGRATS...oh, and a belated happy 6 months anniversary too!



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Steve- was kinda nice . Actually, everything went off perfectly, except for the rain, which was there ALL DAY. But otherwise, it was an absolutely terrific day.