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I was searching around a while ago, and I found a Main Street Electrical Parade LP from WDW, with holographics (High tech). I don't know where the disc is now, but what was on the LP? Was it the entire show, or was it like the many other MSEP recordings we've seen?



Wish there was just an Electrical Parade: Platinum Edition or something with every loop ever on it :p

Of course then I'd start whining about wanting things like both loops of the Caterpillar not just one ;)

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You're sure it was an LP? The excellent "Golden Age of Walt Disney Records" discography book only notes the five issues of the 7" picture disc (two from 1973, three from 1977). While the picture on the disc itself looks spiffy, it's not particularly holographic.


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Well, if you are talking about one of the 5 original releases, they were the full shows up to that point. There are differences between them, but they are not the "highlights" usually found.

The one big difference is that none of the 1977 versions have the announcement. The music track is there, but no Jack Wagner. It's interesting to hear it without it. So, that means that even if you have the Walt Disney World version, it does not have the intro that everyone wants to find.

So, if I recall, the 5 different versions were as follows:

Walt Disney World Electrical Water Pageant
Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade (Disneyland only)

Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade
Walt Disney World Main Street Electrical Parade
Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade (replaced the above two, so it could be sold at both parks)

Is that right?


Just a minor correction: the 1973 picture disc was entitled "Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade" not "Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade". Since Walt Disney World had their Electrical Water Pageant thing going on I believe the Main Street Electrical Parade was only taking place at Disneyland at that time.


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You're right, sorry, that is what I meant though.

Wikipedia has a good entry on the various versions.

The 1973 Electrical Water Pageant, and the Disneyland MSEP LP's were identical in content.

The 1977 Disneyland and Walt Disney World versions were also identical.

The final 1977 "Disney's Main Street Electrical Parade" album was edited down from the other two, and was also not on black vynl, but clear. It's been the version heard most often since, and the one all Japanese CD versions of this album have been based on.