MP3 Tag Naming for Disney Music


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Hey all:

Just wondering what sort of MP3 Tags people use for Disney many cases, Artists are unknown, Albums are non-existent. I want to easily be able to find, say, BGM from AK---I use "Disney Park Audio" as the Genre for it all, but the loops I've downloaded have all sorts of crap in the Name, Artist, Album fields.

Any ideas?




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If I bother at all, I'm afraid mine is really basic.
Title (usually including the area for BGM or the attraction), Artist=Disney and for album, usually the park the music is from.
Usually I don't bother and stick to what's already there, if anything. :eek:


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I'm having a terrible time with tagging my files. I need something that A) Provides the necessary information and B) Fits on the screen when I'm choosing for songs to listen to on my iPod. Recently, I use the "Artist" field for the attraction and the "Album" field for the park and land. I'm not so sure I like it, but I'm happy with whatever works. (I organize everything based on the "album" field.)

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Mine is somewhat based on the system UAB uses, with some modifications. It's not perfect, but it works for me.

Genre: I use "Disney Park Audio" for unofficial tracks and "Disney Park Music" for official albums, so that I can easily find both or all of one or the other.

Album: The name of the resort, like "Disneyland Resort" or "Walt Disney World Resort"

Artist: The theme park and land/area, for instance "Disneyland - Adventureland" or "Epcot - Future World". For parades and fireworks, I use "Parades and Spectaculars", such as "Disneyland - Parades and Spectaculars". For hotels and monorails I use "Resorts".

Title: The attraction the track is from and all other relevant information. For example:

"Entrance - Music Loop (2001-2005) - Complete Loop"
"MuppetVision 3D - Pre-Show"
"It's Tough to Be a Bug - Complete Attractton"
"Mickey's Jammin Jungle Parade - 04 - Minnie Loop 2"

If I know offhand the year the attraction premiered I'll add that to the year as well. I intentionally do not use numbering for tracks or discs, as this would require me to number everything, whereas without it everything gets listed alphabetically in iTunes.