Movie SCORE cd's

found this site with all these different CD covers/backs:

Black Cauldron and many others are on there...some obviously homemade...but is there anyone out there more internet savvy able to find out where these discs CAME from? (the site seems to be based out of France)

check it out...share your findings!



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Here's another great film music artwork site:

As to where most of the discs came from, they're bootlegs that, one way or another, circulate among fans.

Bernstein seems to be one of the most booted composers out there, with many high-profile, highly sought after scores: AIRPLANE, STRIPES (now out on Varese), THE BLACK CAULDRON, GHOSTBUSTERS (recently released as a Varese Club CD), etc. The quality on most of these bootlegs is atrocious, but I can't speak to CAULDRON.