Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records


I've just finished reading this amazingly insightful book! It's an absolute must for anyone who grew up listening to Disney records.

I've added information about the book linked from the home page of the site.

Trent Schwartz
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Thanks a lot for this great book. I have the same book, but it's a excellent book for fans who listened to the Disney records for people who grew up with. These pictures and all of the people who got involved in the years of the Sunset Sound studio from 1960 until the 1970's when it was a great studio for Tutti Camarata's most successful landmark record label, Disneyland. It was made in the West Coast like Anaheim where it was a great label. I have lots of Disney records in my collection but it was awesome. Thanks for reading.
Great book! I picked up a signed copy at NFFC and met Greg (and Teri York too!). I was so engaged I read most of the book in couple of sittings (I'm not much interested in the post Tutti-era). Learned a lot of great new tidbits, too. I would love to see an expanded edition in the future with more about Annette, Darlene and other key playes, as well as an accompanying discography... Much thanks to the authors for their efforts!

I was disappointed that there was no mention (or I missed it) of the incredible Disneyland WDL Series Saludos Amigos instrumental LP (including the South American music from Saludos, Three Caballeros and Melody Time), which ranks right up there with Camarata's Alice for me. Produced by Louis Oliveira and conducted by Leo Perachi with a full Brazilain orchestra, this is a lush, wonderful recording in need of rediscovery - - and one of the hardest Disney LPs to find.
For years as I scavaged thrift stores, record shops and ebay to fullfill my passion of collecting Disney music. I felt like Jack Skellington singing the song "What's This!" every time I would aquire something I never seen or heard of. As Jack would say -"There must be something more". I longed for more info on who the performers where and how they fit in the picture? Well I just spent a week at WDW and was in MGM at the animation bookstore when lo, I saw "Mouse Tracks" for sale there! I was planning on getting it online, but seeing it right in front of me, I could not resist! ;D

The research Tim and Greg have put into this book is fantastic. Like a veil removed from my eyes I was able to now see how many of my favorite LPs came into being.
Questions I have had for years answered while reading the stories on the plane ride home today. Thanks Tim and Greg!! Well Done! ;D
I was glad to see the announcement for the book.Putting THAT one on my list

Looking forward to having it myself!
;D ;D

X-S Tech

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Just finished the book guys. Great job! I loved reading about the evolution of all the albums I remember and how one led to another. Thanks so much.
Do any major book stores carry it? (I was born and raised in Southern California, so these are the (for me, anyhow!) significant stores: Borders, Barnes and Noble, and the soon-to-be-gone TOwer Records;most are nationwide.)

Update:(Novemebr 13,2060 Went to Disneyland (Anaheim) and the book is as omniprenset as Sterling Hollowayand co.'

It is a MUST HAVE!

Sam Edwards
Robie Lester
Dallas McKennon
Lois Lane (Sic)
Teri York
GInny Tyler
Peter Renoudet/Reneday
Sterling Holloway
Mike Sammes

and many more are covered! My congrats go out to Tim & Greg for this...and it is a softbound covered book..very interesting stuff..

Second Cast LPs are of course given a MAJOR shot in the arm, and a lot of info on the beautiful Robie Lester's replacement voices on stuf like Aristocats, which apparantly caused her some problems regarding the billing in credits and she was credited for a "Aristo-Kitten" voiced according to the record label by someone else. (Lois Lane changed to that name becuase of Superman's girlfriend! Well, if Disney hasn't sued "Fatnasia" the singer from "American Idol", then maybe it's goof that DC comcis hasn't sued xsomeone named Lois Lane.Interesting to see she was a 24-year old British actress in the 1970s who British-ised Disney reaidngs, (as said in the book.)
Thanks, Steve, and XS-Tech, for the kind words. They really mean a great deal to Tim and me.

The book is selling more online than in stores, except for certain ones in Disney Parks. It's available on amazon or you can order a signed copy from me at

Thanks again!
;DMouse Tracks is a GREAT book! In fact, I read it in just two days and I read it over and over. I have learned a lot of great information about my Disney LPs that I'd never hear about. Tim Hollis and Greg Ehrbar, I take my hat off to you and all of the wonderful artists who made my life happy with Disneyland Records! Thank you for being #1 in my Record Library!