Mouse Tracks question for Greg or Tim

I just recorded and posted the BV-3310 Yachtsmen album. The lead singer is Carl Berg. While I was recording the album I was looking at the Disneyland LP of "So Dear to my Heart" and noticed the singer covering the songs was Carl Berg! Same person? I find no mention of him or the Yachtsmen in Mouse Tracks. Do you have any more info to share?

I will defer to Greg on this one, as I am unfamiliar with the Yachtsmen myself. Of course, there were many of the "occasional" recording artists that we just were unable to research or include due to time and space limitations. Maybe my esteemed colleague will chime in here with a comment or several.
I have the album, but am at a loss too. There were some artists that I wish we had mentioned or given more space too in the book, especially talented people like Billy Storm. There were others that we tried to get info on, like the mysterious Vonnair Sisters, but ran into dead ends. Some folks, like Gene Merlino, became known to us through our research without any album credits at all -- I cannot recall one Disney record in which Gene gets label or cover credit.

The hardest part about writing a book like MOUSE TRACKS is stopping, because there's always that new bit of golden information, that extra clarification, that oops-a-daisy that compels you to keep adding and adding, but at some point the manuscript has to be turned in.

As we do find new info, however, we'll post it here or at Disney lore is so infinite that there is always something new to discover -- like, I never knew about the George Bruns "Moonlight Time in Old Hawaii" LP until the recent post on this site!
Thanks Greg (and Tim) :) I wonder if Carl Berg is still around? Might make an interesting interview. I will also check my other albums and see if his name appears.


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It's great. I was brought up on this sound in the late 50's and early 60's (and yes, there's several there I used to sing) ;D
Thanks for posting it. My wife's shouting that supper is ready and here am I listening to it and loving it and shouting "be there in a minute".
Thanks  :D
I think, as result of these shows, we got "The Hootnanny Show" in the UK on BBC TV which had a great impact on the folk revival here.