Morocco BGM

I have a 34'39" track listed as 'Morocco Area BGM Loop (Master)' that screams induction recording. Does anyone have any further information on this track?


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It's an induction recording. I don't know if it's complete or not, as it's not my type of music so I haven't done any comparisons. I can make a recording and check, if you like.


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While going through the discussion archives, I found this comment by sds910 in a discussion of the World Showcase Plaza / International Gateway loop:

"Regardless of what may sound like similar instrumentation, the music was often recorded in the host country (the UK pavilion loop, for example, was laid down at the famous Abbey Road Studios in St. John's Wood, London). On the other hand, most of the Canada loop was arranged and conducted by Edo Guidotti, who also is responsible for the music currently played in the Spaceship Earth attraction... and the Morocco BGM was recorded live on the streets of Morocco by WDI -- quite possibly with a handheld recorder judging by the sound."

The entire discussion can be found here:
Thanks, Wedroy; when I searched the archives before posting I didn't find the thread you referenced.

Horizons; thanks for the offer but please don't record this on my behalf - there are plenty others worthy of your time.
Anyone know offhand whether the music played in the Gallery of Arts and History at the Morocco Pavilion is the same as any of the other music loops? Anyone made an induction recording of this? It strikes me as more quiet and less chaotic-sounding than the loop that plays in the souks and "streets." It's one of my favorite hiding places to get some peace and quiet if the park is busy and I need an air-conditioned seat...