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I just got the new Mermaid Lagoon Music Album and love it. This film had some of the most beautiful music anyway, and to have the melodies augmented by the great John Debney, compiled onto one disc, is more than we in the States can usually hope for... Do I dare ask? ...Has anyone heard of the possibility of other Discs devoted to whole "ports" from TDS? My top picks, just in case anyone out there has this planned but doesn't know which to release next, would be Mysterious Island, followed by Arabian Coast (but only if it included Sinbad, otherwise don't bother). Thanks for a great CD!


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I agree totally! I really hope that they release a CD for each port. I agree with you about Arabian Coast too. I would also love to see American Waterfront with Encore, which hasn't been on any of the CD's yet.

Dr. Know

Could you post a track list, and indicate which tracks include vocal music and which tracks (if any) are orchestral?

I'm very intrigued...


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Here's the track listing for The Mermaid Lagoon Music Album:
Title: Mermaid Lagoon Music Album
Price: 2,000yen (US$15.49)
Catalog Number: AVCW-12283

1. Mermaid Lagoon Overture
2. Mermaid Lagoon Theater (this is the only track with vocals)
Part of Your World
Poor Unfortunate Souls
Under the Sea
3.Deepwater BGM
4. Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster BGM
5. Scuttle's Scooters BGM
6. Kiss de Girl Fashions BGM
7. Sebastian's Calypso Kitchen BGM
8. Galleon Graveyard BGM
9. Ariel's Grotto BGM
10. Ursula's Dungeon BGM
11. Kelp Forest BGM
12. Entrance Fanfares

The rest of the tracks are all arrangements of the films songs or score, with a few bits of totally new music, but very in the vein of the original stuff. I think the real "gem" is track #8 Galleon Graveyard. It's "Fathoms Below" and "Tour of the Kingdom" arranged in a very forlorn, haunting way. Very creepy, especially considering what light bouncy tunes these both were in the film.