more notes on the original WDW FL bgm

I've forgotten where the original thread was for this.but a interesting side note: in the late 90's at Disneyland there was a meet & greet Chip and Dale area near El Zocolo in Frontierland..........people could pose for pixs with these two while they were dressed up as a sherrif and a bandit..........ANYWAY.......special area music would play while the visit was going on......AND is was the longer 1975 WDW Frontierland background music.
Mighty Dog and all!!!



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Well that is good news! So there is a slight possibility that someone may have recorded that. Now I have something to search for. Thanks!
I remember that music too from the Mighty Dog commercials in Frontierland while standing in line for Country Bear Jamboree. What's the name of that piece, or was it written for the commercials first?