More Ebay Disney music

Hello again friends,

I'm in the middle of looking for more rare DIsney music in my collection to post on eBay. I have been gradually reducing my Disney collection, buying new stuff and selling my extras. I sell all of this stuff for way less than I ever payed for them. I just want them to go to a good home. In the meantime, I have reposted some material with lower prices. Feel free to check them out at:

Thanks again for the interest. As always, feel free to e-mail me with questions at
Let's see....
In the Madonna cassingles collection there is a rare Dick Tracy (DISNEY) single, there is also a Little Mermaid Sebastian the Crab autographed DISNEY MUSIC book which is dirt cheap, and that's not counting the other 14 Disney related items. And all of that is not counting the fact that I mention that lots of new items are being added soon and that these were just a few reposts in the meantime.
I will announce the next wave which included lots of incredibly rare Disney music items. There will be items such as the Official and way-out-of-print CD release of the Black Cauldron to name a few. And how about some rare complete movie scores from the Academy Awards? Enjoy the current low prices I listed in the meantime...
Your friend,