More Disney added to iTunes

Rich T

Hi, all!

iTunes just added a truckload of Disney soundtracks. Here are the ones I spotted on their "just added" list. I know a few of these were there previously (I think Nightmare Before Christmas, Peter Pan and a few others), but I'll list them here in case I'm wrong.

Little Mermaid
Nightmare Before Christmas
Disney's Christmas Lullaby Album
Lullaby Album
Princess Lullaby Album
Let's Get Together With Haley Mills
The Princess Diaries
Michael Crawford the Disney Album
A Bug's Life
James and the Giant Peach
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Beauty and the Beast (Both original version and special edition)
Chicken Little
Children's Favorites Vol 1-4
Disney Girlz Rock
Disneymania 3
Finding Nemo Ocean Favorites
Ice Princess
La Vida Mickey 2
Mary Poppins
Peter Pan
Sleeping Beauty
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Lion King

I sure hope there's more to come: I'd sure love to see some more of the Wonderland Music titles on there.

Cars will be available June 6 for $9.99, which includes a music video and "digital booklet" if you pre-order. No, I don't work for Apple. :)

I find iTunes a great way pick and choose individual tracks (I don't want the entire Princess Diaries album, but I do enjoy a couple of the themes.)

Look at all that brand-new empty iTunes review space just waiting for knowlegable fans to post their album reviews! ;D

- Rich


Also added were several cartoon shorts available for download. Around when disney-pixar rumors were starting to swirl, itunes offered around 7 of them...and now they have quite a few more. They're $1.99 each.
here's the link:

Chip and Dale
The Three Little Pigs
Ferdinand the Bull
Brave Little Tailor
Lend a Paw
How to Play Football
Donald's Crime
The Ugly Duckling
Good Scounts
The Tortoise and the Hare
Pluto's Blue Note
Truant Officer Donald
The Old Mill
Building a Building
Squatter's Rights
The Pointer


I'm pretty sure most, if not, all of those albums were previously available.

iTunes would be a GREAT venue for the Wonderland Music Series or an updated Disney Forever collection, if they could work out all of the legal junks.

Ho-hum. :p