More Area Music questions


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Since Skipkid has been asking some area music questions, I have a few of my own. I've been trying to organize all my files, and I don't like to dump them into iTunes until I know what they are. After scouring the archives, and Kirsten's Disney Loops website, I still have a bunch of stuff that I am not sure where it plays/what it is.

1. The 52 minute Canada loop...the website says the area loop is only 30 minutes, is this one all the music that was recorded by Edo Guidotti, but only a selection of it actually plays? I also have a loop that is 36:25 is this the actual loop, or just someone's edit of the 52 minute one?

2. I have a bunch of tracks that say they are from the Bistro de Paris. Are these from the "France Area Music" loop, or is there a seperate Bistro loop? If it is separate, does any one have any sort of track list?

3. When the Great Movie Ride music loop changed, it was just some songs were replaced, correct. The songs that play in both loops, are the same versions?

And I don't suppose anyone has done some heavy sleuthing or investigating to find out track lengths for all the loops that don't have them yet on the loops site? I would love to get my Muppet songs in order, and find out if the versions of a lot of the MGM music, is the version that plays or just same singer/same title.