MK Tangled Bathrooms Area Music


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I didn't hang out in the bathrooms, it played outside...

01 Ungaresca Saltarello - Giorgio Mainerio - Panorama: Dances of the Renaissance

02 Saltarello - Richard Searles - Guitar Music

03 Bouree - Chip Davis and the London Symphony Orchestra - Chip Davis Presents: Renaissance Holiday

(04) Bransle Double - Richard Searles - Scarborough Faire

(05) Dance of the Burgermeisters - Richard Searles - Dance of the Renaissance

Welscher Tantz Wascha Mesa - Ragossing ... - Terpsichore: Renaissance Dance Music and Early Baroque Dance Music Ulsamer-Collegium

Kingdom Dance - Alan Menkin - Tangled Soundtrack

I am not sure of the order. The first 3 were sequential. Numbers 4 and 5 were sequential. The last two I caught walking by. I do not know if there are any others. Any help is appreciated.
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