MK Splash Queue music loop


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While it was raining at the MK, I decided to write down the order of the splash mountain queue loop. There are some songs that I couldn't comprehend.

*= Does anyone know where I can download the songs with the stars. Not the DL Queue versions but the MK version. THere was a website called "Fudgie's Splash Mountain" site but it is no longer available.

Johnny Comes Marching Home
What Uncle Remus Said*
Sooner or Later*
Who Wants to Live*
She'll be Coming Around the Mountain*
Old Macdonald
Skip to My Lou
Shortenin' Bread
Polly Wolly Doodle
Shoo Fly
How Do You Do*
Let the Rain Pour Down*
Laughing Place*
Song of the SOuth*
Camptown Races


It should be noted that the listing at that link is neither accurate or even close. The original poster's lineup seems closer to reality (would that there were not so many question marks). Many of the tracks played in the loop are NOT the same versions as appeared on the WDW Forever system (Shoo Fly notably).

I'll confirm what SDS is saying (although I know I don't need to based on his track record ;) ) -- most of the Walt Disney World Forever Splash tracks were direct from Disneyland, wheras our tracks have a more country/Western feel.

(Splash Mntn. . . That was back in the day when Disney cared enough to match clones to their incoming setting. . . *cough* Soarin *cough* ;D)


Oooh, thanks for the correction! I found this one on a site that had other loops that I knew were incorrect, so I'm noot entirely surprised. Can anyone point me in the direction of a correct listing?